Meet Our Little Humans

Meet Our
Little Humans

Meet Our Little Humans

To protect the identities and privacy of those we work with, we will not be sharing the actual names and photographs of our little human’s faces. But we really wanted to introduce them to you, so we asked our children (or their mothers) to draw what they think they look like.

These are the self-portraits of our little ones. 

“The visions we offer our children shape
the future. It matters what those visions
are. Often then become self-fulfilling

Dreams are maps.”

-Carl Sagan


Together we can help

Every week we provide

a box of cereal, fruit, vegetables, diapers, soap and other childcare items for one child.

It costs KES 310 (USD 2.55)

to look after one child for a day. This amount provides a child with: three warm and nutritious meals; two snacks; enough milk and diapers; childcare items; and ensures the children are as comfortable as they can be in a prison environment.

KES 9300 (USD 76.35)

This is the cost to look after one child for an entire month.

You can make a difference to these children today and build a brighter future for their tomorrow.